Lanracorp, Inc.
619 South 3rd Street
Brownstown, IL 62418

About Lanracorp

Lanracorp is a forward-thinking leader in the pipeline and utility maintenance industries. We believe in a culture of continuous improvement in both our best practices and in safety. Creating a mindset that good is never good enough and that safety is the ultimate priority has allowed Lanracorp to achieve a tremendous safety record and high customer satisfaction.

A dedication to excellence and a willingness to challenge our own procedures has placed Lanracorp as a nationwide contractor. From jobs small to large we have it handled, safely and efficiently.

Our Mission

To be a leader in our industry by creating a culture that pushes continuous improvement and engagement at all levels. We believe that this culture will help to propel the company by fostering an attitude of safety first and a focus on customer satisfaction.  Safety is the Priority, Quality is the standard.

Safety is

the priority

quality is

the standard

Quality and Safety. Always – While this may seem like a simple slogan it guides our decisions and our company forward. I strongly believe our company is different and we must push ourselves in the following categories to maintain this distinction:

1) Safety Culture – a safety manual alone is a book of rules, creating a culture of safety increases employee interaction and involvement.

2) Continuous Improvement – fostering an environment and business where status quo is never enough and there is always room to improve daily. Complacency is dangerous.

3) Integrity – our staff spends a lot of time documenting our day, whether it’s spreadsheets, before/after photos, or even our fleet tracking equipment. These are the details that show we care and give our customers an honest days work.

At Lanracorp we try to be proactive, not just reactive. We actively strive to think outside the box in safety and our work methods; from Behavior Based Safety (BBS), job site productivity and safety audits, voluntary employee committees to gain feedback from the field, to methods of eliminating line of fire activities. This is the Lanracorp difference; this is what makes us stand out.

I appreciate your interest in our company and hope that we can work together.