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Right of Way Services


New Pipeline Clearing

Clearing the way for new pipelines is not an easy task. Our teams have experience in this type of work and more importantly have a track record of doing this work safely. We recognize that every project is different, some require heavy equipment and others due to environmental concerns must have a lighter foot print. We have the skills and means necessary to accomplish both. 


Right Of Way Clearing
Maintenance Cycle

Maintaining a brush free ROW with a clear view from ground to sky is important as there is increased scrutiny on maintaining the easement correctly. Lanracorp has helped our customers build a successful ROW Clearing Program that focuses on long term results, flat line budgeting, and a perfectly maintained Right of Way.


Pipeline Digs / Hydro Excavation

From mechanical digs to hydro excavation we can take care of your dig needs. Some areas require less of a footprint and less damage, in these situations a hydrovac truck is the tool for the job. In other areas more traditional, mechanical methods using an excavator can be used. Either way, we have it covered and as always with our focus on safety and quality.


Land Agents

Land Agents that know the industry and who can help build good public relations are very valuable. Our goal is to provide the customer a point person in the field, someone they can trust to go above and beyond on gathering accurate information while building great landowner relations. Thorough field reporting is critical in keeping office personnel “in the know”. 



Our crew will be your eyes and ears in the field and help you protect your assets and keep you up to date with real time reports and logs. Our scope of work includes working with contractors, work area inspections and verifications, protecting from third party activity and keeping your personnel informed and at ease.


Right of Way Assessment (ROW Assessment)

Right of Way Assessments give you accurate, up to date and thoroughly documented data to help you analyze from your office the data  we collect in the field. The information we collect is laid out in an excel document and   plotted on google earth along with photos to make your analysis as accurate as possible. 


Pipeline Surveillance

Our world faces increased security threats but luckily we have better technology to protect against these threats. Protecting your assets should include patrols as well as security cameras. Our team can provide both. Pipeline surveillance cameras can be solar powered and outfitted with cellular connections to provide real time activity monitoring remotely. The cameras can be placed at utility substations, pipeline block valves and stations, cell towers, and random spots along the ROW.